Hens nest

The bedding straw is the best

I have tried new paper but with the dry, it shreads and blows in the wind. Therefore I buy a bale of straw which keeps the girls clean nest for two to three months. With rubber gloves I removed the clumps of droppings that are mixed with straw and sprinkle around citrus trees, Mango and the bananas. Then sit back and watch it grow!

Clean nest is essential to prevent lice.

Today I put torn up pieces of lavender too. Sleep tight girls ….


Spring has sprung! 25 degrees!!

Beautiful bananas ripening

Happy naughty chooks digging up my stone paths.

Put them back in pen so I can tidy my path

Will let them out at 4pm grass eating hour before sunset!

Monday mud!!

The rain was fabulous over the weekend and the chooks had communal time under the chook house.

Now the sun is out but it’s still a muddy backyard so decided to go to farm for green scraps

They love the tender cauliflower leaves,

Lettuce, watermelon scraps and especially any corn ends!!

Apart from worms they went nuts on the old date cake pieces.

Will let them out at 3pm today when yard has dried a little.

Happy Monday at Chook paradise

Monday Munchies

The girls were spoilt today with new organic grain for breakfast, whole meal toast and sweet corn cob for lunch!

Then after egg laying I let them out to free range and scratch for insects.

Four beautiful eggs in nesting box.

With much gratitude I wipe them with a clean damp cloth, dry and put in fridge.

The cold winds of winter are here so

I bought a bale of barley straw for them to nestle in under the chicken coop which they look cosy!

With all there layers of feathers and high protein mash I also feed them they can weather the cold.

I put garlic pieces in their water to ward off worms and lavender flowers inside their nesting boxes. This can limit unwanted insects as lavender is a good repellent.